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2014 Registration is open!
2014 race dates:
Solo Start - Tuesday, June, 10, 2014
Team Start - Saturday, June, 14, 2014

Now is your chance to participate in the greatest bicycle race in the United States of America!  RAAM has become, over 30 years, an international attraction for cyclists and has become one of the best platforms for raising money for charitable causes.

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2013/2014 Crew Seminar Schedule:
Copenhagen, Denmark - December 7, 2013
Sacramento, CA, USA - January 25, 2014
Austin, TX, USA - February 8, 2014
London, England - February 22, 2014
New Albany, Ohio - March 15, 2014

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Nothing great in this world has ever been
accomplished without passion.
(Christian Hebbel) 

For all race accomodation reservations please call: 
Oceanside: Dana ( or 760-637-9953 or Click HERE