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All Solo Racers Must Qualify for RAAM

All solo racers must qualify for RAAM.  At least one of the riders on a solo tandem team must have qualified for RAAM in order to race.  Relay team racers need not qualify to race RAAM. 

How to Qualify for RAAM 

Racers may attempt to qualify for solo RAAM in one of the following ways: 1) Completing RAAM on a 2- or 4-person team; 2) completing a RAAM sanctioned RAAM Style or 24-hour RAAM Qualifying race; or 3) completing the PAC Tour Elite Tour.  If a racer is unable to make arrangements to qualify in one of these ways, the racer may seek special arrangements with the RAAM Race Director.  Additionally, if the racer feels qualified by virtue of other accomplishments, the racer may petition the RAAM Race Director.

For specific standards and other information see HOW TO QUALIFY FOR RAAM. 

RAAM Qualification Good for Two Years

RAAM Qualification is good for two years following the year of qualification.  Official solo and solo tandem RAAM finishers are qualified for life.

RAAM Qualifying Events

For a list of RAAM Qualifying races see RAAM QUALIFYING RACES.

Plan Ahead – Do More Than One RAAM Qualifier

We urge potential solo RAAM racers to plan ahead.  Do not wait until shortly before RAAM to attempt to qualify.  We also encourage racers to participate in more than one RAAM Qualifying race.  Experience is valuable.  Racers will generally do much better having raced several RAAM qualifying events.

Racers and crew are also encouraged to attend one of our RAAM Seminars. To learn more about RAAM Seminars see SEMINARS.

How to Become a RAAM Qualifying Races

We are always interested in seeing additional opportunities for racers to gain valuable experience and to qualify for RAAM.  If you are interested in starting a RAAM Qualifying race or wish to make an existing race a RAAM Qualifier, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For a listing of racers who have qualified for Solo RAAM please see the Qualified Racers Database.

*Please note that the list does not include racers who have qualified prior to 2010.  The UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) was responsible for managing the RAAM qualification process prior to 2010.  RAAM management took over the qualification process in 2009.  However, the UMCA has not yet provided RAAM management with its database of those individuals who have qualified prior to 2010 to race Solo RAAM.



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