The 2016 Route is updated as PRELIMINARY as of March!   The route for 2016 is almost identical to the 2015 route, except for one change in Arizona and for any required detours.  If we learn of any route changes prior to printing the Route Book the following files will be updated and the notation "PRELIMINARY" will be changed to "FINAL". Be sure to check it out as it is updated regularily.  Keep in mind that each year a few businesses change and roads change. We  make those updates and changes as soon as we are aware of them.

Below you will find the information we have about the 2016 route. All 2016 route information is Preliminary Darft form, though it will change very little from now until the race.

Here is the KMZ file for a Google Earth flyover.
        (Right Click here and "Save as" to Download and open with Google Earth.)
        RAAM Route – Turns, Time Stations, and the route (Preliminary 2016)

For Electronic Navigation, please refer to the article about Electronic Navigation.

RAAM GPS Data for 2016 can be found here.

For more general tips and tricks of Navigation, read the article on Navigation.

These Time Stations links are from 2015.

 Staffed Time Station Services PDF


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