Hall of Fame

The RAAM Hall of Fame honors athletes, staff, and crew who have made significant contributions to the race or have had outstanding long-term performances. Each of the inductees have been involved with RAAM for at least 5 years in some capacity - racing, crewing, management, or key staff.

Thousands of people have been involved with RAAM throughout its history; few have the credentials to be considered for induction.

Class of 2014

George Thomas


Class of 2013

  Daniel Chew
  Marcio Milan

Class of 2012

  Team Type 1
  Tim Skipper

Class of 2011

  Jure Robic - 5 Time RAAM Winner and Rookie of the Year


Class of 2010

  Seana Hogan - 6 Time RAAM Winner

Class of 2009


Wolfgang Fasching - 3-Time RAAM Winner

  Gerry Tatrai -2 Time RAAM Winner

Class of 2008


Mike Roark
RAAM Official for more than 20 years. Route Designer, Head Official.


Cindy Roark
RAAM Official for more than 20 years.


Robb Warren
Robb has been involved with every RAAM in one way or another - Head Official, Race Official, Route Designer, Assistant Race Director.

Class of 2007

Lon Haldeman
Co-Founder of RAAM, 2-Time Winner, 4-Time RAAM Finisher, Race Director 2000-2002, Head Official, Route Designer.

Rob Kish
19 Time RAAM Finisher, 3-Time Winner, Record for fastest crossing at 8d 3h 11m.

John Marino
Co-Founder of RAAM, Race Director and RAAM Finisher.

Lee Mitchell
2-Time RAAM Team Finisher with 2 Records. 17-Time Crew for Solos, Teams, Men, Women.

Susan Notorangelo
3-Time RAAM Finisher, 2-Time Winner, Race Director 2000-2002. Pioneer of Ultracycling for women in RAAM.

Pete Penseyres
3 Time RAAM Finisher, 2-Time Winner. Record for fastest speed at 15.4 mph. 4-Time RAAM Team Finisher with 2 Team Records.

Michael Shermer
Co-Founder of RAAM, Race Director, 3-Time RAAM Finisher.


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