Lon Haldeman Award

Lon Haldeman's cycling achievements, in many ways, defined the sport of endurance-cycling. Yet, when you meet Lon on one of his PAC Tours what comes through is not his cycling prowess, but his humbleness and helpfulness toward others. In recognition of all that Lon Haldeman has done on- and off-the-bike RAAM has established the Lon Haldeman Award. The award will be presented annually to the RAAM Racer or Team which raises the most funds (per racer) for the charity of their choice.

From the years 2006-2009, RAAM racers have raised well over $1,000,000 for various charities each year!  We are proud to be the platform that these racers have used to show case their causes.  Since 2009 the dollars raised for charitable causes has increased to over $2,000,000 per year.

In addition, RAAM itself supports charitable causes that warrant special consideration. Typically, we support efforts that affect people along the RAAM course and/or the RAAM family. You can read about our efforts and supported charities here.


  2012 - XSTRATA
  2011 - Swift and Bold
  2010 - Convicts of the Road
  2009 - Scott Luikhart
2008 - Arvid Loewen
2007 - Shannon's Soldiers for CTF Research Team

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