A View on RAAM

The Race Across America has dozens of aspects and a great history. Every day we make decisions which affect the direction and format of the race. Our thought process and the resulting decisions are based upon many factors including logistics, finances, time frame, media, staffing, sponsorship, statistics, history, and more.

Race history and actual race scenarios are vitally important to understanding the race and the affects history might have on decisions. We rely on our own experience as veterans of the race and the experience of many race veterans to remember the past and provide perspective for the future so the race doesn't unnecessarily repeat the past, rather it can progress forward in the best way possible.

Here you will find a perspective on various aspects of the race. The topics are based upon frequent questions or suggestions from the RAAM family or significant changes in the race. The perspective in these documents is that of the RAAM Management team; it doesn't mean we are right or wrong, just the way we see it now and our perspective could change.

We hope these will help you to understand some of the background of the race and support the RAAM team as we host one of the world's greatest sporting events!

Women's Cutoffs

Rules: Why so many and what are they for?

RAAM and Philanthropy

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