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RAAM is an awesome event to prepare for, so many lists and details. RAAM Qualifiers are not as extensive, but still require a good deal of planning. Join the RAAM Team as we present the our Crew Seminars to help you prepare for RAAM. We will teach you what we know and put out all the tips and tricks we've learned over the years from experience and talking with other Racers and Crews.

For each Seminar we will present subjects to help you prepare for the logistics of RAAM or a RAAM Qualifier. We will have talks, skits, demonstrations, and hands-on exercise. This is logistics and planning only, we will have nothing on equipment, training, or nutrition. The clinic will be interactive; you will have to think and evaluate the same way you would have to during RAAM or a RAAM Qualifier. At night we will plan a group dinner as well where rookies and veterans can further discuss racing and crewing.

Dates and Locations: (Register Here for a Seminar)

Crew Seminars: 2015
Sacramento, CA, USA - January 31, 2015
Austin, TX, USA - February 7, 2015
London, England - February 21, 2015
Ohio - March 7, 2015

*Exact Locations to be announced

We will start at 9am, finish around 5pm, and then head to a local restaurant or bar for more questions.

Price: Visit the RAAM Store for pricing and sign up

Who: Anyone! RAAM Racers, Crew, Qualifiers.

Topics:  Topics will include:

  • Safety
  • Sleep and Sleep Management
  • Navigation
  • Crew Packing
  • Crewing and Crew Roles
  • Being a Crew Chief
  • Simulations and Decision Making
  • Team Exchanges
  • Dealing with the Body (Places that Hurt)
  • And of course lots of tips, stories, and Q+A

 How valuable is a RAAM Seminar?

As a brand new team of four to RAAM in 2008 we found the RAAM Clinic we attended to be a 10+++. It helped us to further organize and plan for the multitude of logistics challenges we would face and the rider exchange examples we practiced at the Clinic allowed us to learn to do them the right way and safely in our 3000 mile, 7 day journey.
We learned that everything we had a hundred questions about before the RAAM Clinic were completely covered in the kind of anal detail that we wanted and needed to make our race safe, fun and well organized.
In addition we met the Leadership of RAAM and many other Crew Members-Managers-Chiefs- that were at the Clinic who were extremely valuable to be able to talk to leading up the start of the race itself over the months after the Clinic.
Bottom is a MUST attend for every new Team Manager, Crew Chief and as many crew as possible.
We not only survived RAAM with our 50+ year old 4 person Co-Ed Team and a crew of 11,,,,,,,but we thrived and remain friends with everyone today.
John Hopkins - Team Manager of The Hole in the Head Gang

Even veterans learn something:

Having competed in Raam as part of a 4 man team in 2005 & then again as a solo rider in 2007, I did wonder whether I might learn anything from the London clinic! I was delighted that I came away from the weekend clinic with a load of learning and more clarity around some of the pitfulls which made the 2008 experience more memorable. Simple things like using contact paper made cleaning our cars post Raam a breeze. Terry was able to ensure everyone was engaged as the workshop was very interactive drawing on everyone's experience including using his own experience as a past Raam finisher himself. The other major benefit was having a race director for the weekend, there wasn't a question that was asked during the weekend that Terry wasn't able to answer. If you are a first timer or going across again for another go, I highly recommend the clinic for riders and crew to ensure you are well prepared for the worlds toughest bike race!

Jim Rees - RAAM Finisher, 2007, 2008

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