Race Across America - RAAM

The World's Toughest Bicycle Race

Start: Oceanside, California, at the Oceanside Pier
Finish: Annapolis, Maryland, at the City Dock
Distance: 3000 miles
When: Projected 2016 Race Dates:  SOLO: Tuesday, June 14 / TEAM: Saturday, June, 18

Review this document for full details of the race - the 2015 GEAR Book under Race Resources includes the details of what is included in the entry, the refund/rollover policy and  the most current race updates. The GEAR Book will be updated for 2016 soon.

  • Race Divisions
  • Time Cutoffs
  • What's Included
  • Policies on Fees and Refunds

To secure your spot on the RAAM roster you must Register and pay at least the deposit listed below, although you can pay more. If you want to lock in the early registration fee you must pay in full at the time of initial registration. If you Register by December 1, 2015, your will lock in the standard entry fee . If you register after December 1, 2015, your full entry fee will be the fee listed below in the right column.

Once a payment of any amount is made, the registration is considered in process.

Refund and Rollover Policy here. 

---> 2016 Registration is Open! <---

Entry Fees - 2016

Note: All entries after March 1 will have additional late fees.


Early Registration

Valid 7/20 - 8/24/2015

Standard Registration

Valid 8/25 - 11/30/2015

Late Registration

Valid 12/1/2015 - 3/1/2016

  Must be paid in full for this pricing
Minimum deposit must be paid prior to 11/30 to lock in price Deposit Must be paid to lock in price
Solo $2950  $3495 $3995
2-Person Team $4695  $5550 $6395
4-Person Team $7795  $8895 $9995
8-Person Team $12995  $14695 $15995

Minimum Deposits for the 8/25-11/30 pricing for 2015 - Payment in full required after March 1.
Solo - $1600/ / 2-Person - $2500 / /  4-Person - $4000 //  8-Person - $6500

**Balances owed are due March 1,2016 to ensure no late fees**
Registrations after March 1, 2016 will be subject to additional fees.

Please contact the RAAM office for entry fees for Tandem, Hand-Cycle or Open Division Racers.

The 2008 Solo Racers


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