Race Across America

The marquee event is the Race Across America - a transcontinental bicycle race starting on the west coast and finishing on the east coast. The race covers 3000 miles across the Rockies, the heartland of America, and finally the Appalachians. It continues to stands as one the toughest events in the world and a tribute to human endurance.

The following are associated events:

Race Across the West

The Race Across the West is the latest addition to the roster of events. It runs concurrently with the Race Across America and covers the first 860 miles of the RAAM course finishing in Durango, CO. This is a real chance for competitors to test themselves on the RAAM course against the RAAM racers. The 860 mile distance makes this a truly unique event.


Crew Seminars

It takes a lot of preparation and thought to race any of these races. We offer several Crew Seminars in the spring to help with your preparations. These include seminars on preparation, demonstrations and photos of techniques and setup, and some hands-on work. This is your chance to question those that have been there.



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