How To Qualify For RAAM


All solo racers must “qualify” to race RAAM.  Following are the ways in which a solo racer may qualify for RAAM: 

Ways to Qualify for Solo RAAM 

  Completing 2- or 4-person Team RAAM. 

  Completing a “RAAM Style” RAAM Qualifying Race (RAAM Qualifier or RQ).  Generally, a “RAAM Style” event is one which is of longer distance (at least 350 miles), on public roads, non-drafting and with follow vehicle(s) and support crew.

  Completing a Time Trial RQ.  Generally, a Time Trial event is non-drafting and run on public roads.  Since Time Trial events do not involve follow vehicles, racers qualifying by completing a Time Trial RQ will be required to attend a RAAM sponsored Seminar or have crewed for a solo RAAM attempt. 

  Completing the PAC Tour Elite Tour. 

  If a prospective racer is unable to make arrangements to attempt to qualify at one of the listed events, the racers is encouraged to contact the RAAM management to make other arrangements.

  Racers may petition RAAM to compete in RAAM if they have not met the above standards but feel other accomplishments qualify them to race solo RAAM.  Acceptance will be determined by RAAM management and the RAAM management’s decision will be final.

  At least one rider on a tandem must have qualified for solo RAAM pursuant to these qualification guidelines.

Teams are not required to “qualify” for RAAM.

RAAM Qualification Standards

  Racers must average 10.5 mph in a “RAAM Style” RQ or finish the event within the event’s official cut-off time, which ever is faster. 

  Racers must travel 400 miles in a “24-hour” Time Trial RQ.  In addition, racers achieving the qualifying standard for a “24-hour” Time Trial RQ must attend a RAAM sponsored Seminar or have crewed for a solo RAAM attempt. 

If a racer believes an official has made a decision that violates event rules, was unfair to the racer and/or effected racer’s qualifying for RAAM, racer may appeal to the event race owner/director.  RAAM will not intercede on behalf of the racer or event race owner/director.  Their decision(s) are final with respect to their events.

Achieving the RAAM qualifying standard in a particular RQ is not an indicator of one’s preparedness for RAAM.  Race conditions, terrain and other factors may vary widely.  Moreover, there is a significant “scale-up” from the RQs to RAAM itself.  Many of the problems encountered on RAAM never have a chance to manifest themselves in an RQ.  Racers who pick what may seem to be the “easiest” RQ are not necessarily doing themselves any favors.  Accordingly, racers are encouraged to race more than one RQ event.  In general, the more experience one has, the greater the chance of a successful RAAM finish.

Achieving RAAM Qualified Status 

Racers achieving RAAM Qualified status by completing 2- or 4-person Team RAAM need not notify RAAM of their results.

Racers achieving RAAM Qualified status through a RAAM-Style RQ, Time Trial RQ or the PACTour Eltie Tour need not notify RAAM of their results.  RAAM-sanctioned RQs are required to submit the race results following completion of the event.

RAAM qualification is good for two years following the year of qualification.

All official solo and solo tandem RAAM finishers are qualified for life.

Awards for Achieving RAAM Qualification

Racers achieving RAAM Qualified status will receive a certificate and a letter of invitation to race RAAM.  Plaques evidencing the achievement of RAAM Qualified status will be made available for purchase at year end.

For further information please contact:
Rick Boethling, Executive Director  


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