During the Race

Once the race starts in Oceanside on June 14th, RAAM becomes a 24 hour a day operation! During the Race the RAAM Staff grows to over 50 people and we need people to cover shifts literally all over the country. These are all necessary and critical for the race and because of that they all have compensation associated with them including travel, lodging, and food. Please contact Rick Boethling, Race Director, via email  for more information and details.

Truck Driver
Once the Racers start we must get all our supplies from California to Maryland - quickly. We need a Truck Driver to drive the truck. It will leave Saturday June 18th after it's packed (about 5pm) and must arrive in Annapolis on Tuesday the 22nd. You can combine this with Start Line duties and/or Finish Line duties.

After the last racer finishes, we again need get our supplies back to our home office in Boulder, CO.

Race Start in Oceanside, CA
We are in Oceanside from Sunday June 6th through Saturday June 14th when the teams leave. The start is a busy place as over 300 Racers and 1000 Crew from 100 racing entities get ready. The start is really something to see! There are various pieces we need help with – Inspections, Registration, Cargo and the Store.

Race Headquarters in Boulder, CO
As racers travel across the country, we keep track of where they are through Time Stations call-ins. The racers call in to Headquarters. Headquarters is fully active from Tuesday June 14th through the final day Monday June 27th. This requires either one full week or two full weeks.

Race Finish in Annapolis, MD
It all comes together here as racers finish around the clock starting Friday June 23rd through Monday June 27th. We need help welcoming the racers and ensuring they get the reception they so richly deserve after racing 3000 miles. If you like history this is a fantastic town.

Race Official
To watch the race we have 12-15 vehicles with Race Officials on the course. They follow the Racers from start to finish and ensure they are abiding by the rules. This is a wonderful way to see the country and you will be up close with all the racers watching them and encouraging them all the way. You will need to be prepared for a long drive and long hours and a full two weeks with the event. Some of our officials have been out there more than 20 years! We will screen people for this position because of the duration and need to represent the race well. This is a perfect job for those RAAM veterans or those who have raced or crewed as they understand what the Racers and Crews are going through.

We are also looking for Officials for just the start to help with Inspections and for the Race Across the West. These are anywhere from 2 days to 7 days.


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