2008 RAAM Photos

Race Across America - Photo Gallery

Click on the photo to view and purchase the amazing photos from the 2008 Race Across America!



2007 RAAM Photos

Race Across America - Photo Gallery

In addition to the professional photographers on the RAAM course, many people take pictures of what's happening during the race. Follow this link to the Guest Galleries to view photos by fans, friends, and family.

Do you have some of your own photos from the race you'd like to share? Follow this link to learn how to add photos to our Guest Galleries


RAAM 2008 Updates

Click here to go to YouTube to view the more than 60 video updates from RAAM 2008.


RAAM 2007 Field Reports

RAAM Field Report 14

RAAM Field Report 13


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Racer Videos

Videos can say so much, even more than pictures. These videos by RAAM Veterans show what RAAM is really like. If you like these, perhaps consider buying a race DVD from the RAAM Store as well.

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