Race Resources

This section has material to help you prepare for RAAM and RAW. Much of this material can also be used to prepare for a RAAM Qualifier.


To compete in the Solo Division of RAAM you must qualify at a RAAM Qualifier. Follow this link for a list of current RAAM Qualifiers. For more information on how to qualify, click here.

There are no qualifying requirements for: RAW Solo, RAW Teams or RAAM Teams.

Events and Registration

You want to race, excellent! Please read  the documents on Entry Fees; Race Divisions; Policies; Time Cutoffs and Allowances; and What's Included in your Entry. You will find these documents at this link.

To Register: Click hereAfter you register the next step will be to update your data in the RAAM Records System (RRS)

The RRS. Login to the RRS to enter your race information and make payments. Please read this document to read the instructions for the RAAM Records System (RRS).

GEAR, Rules, Registration Binder

Once you Register you will receive the GEAR Book, Rules, and a Registration Binder. GEAR stands for Getting Started, Essentials, Advice, and Rules and will help with some of the logistical preparations and knowing details of the start and finish. The Registration Binder will be necessary at the start to check-in and make final preparations for the race. These documents can also be downloaded in this section. For current information regarding the World Anti-Doping prohibited substances click here.


You will need to schedule your Vehicle and Bicycle Inspection, Team Photos, and Banquet Day.  Go to the Racer Login to access the RAAM Online Scheduling tool.

Crew Seminars

The Crew Seminars are an invaluable way to prepare for the logistics of RAAM, RAW, RAAM Qualifiersor any endurance event that requires/uses a crew. As one Crew Chief said, "it is a MUST attend for every new Team Manager, Crew Chief and as many crew as possible." Learn more here.


We offer a series of topical articles on preparing for your race and executing your plan during the race. These provide a basis to handle pre-race logistics and prepare your race plan. Those articles are located here.


You get some supplies with your Entry. RAAM offers a additional supplies, rentals, and cargo services. Our supplies page has a full list of what is available.

Logos and More

A few more resources to help you prepare:

Links, Videos/DVD, and Books

This website and the RAAM staff have a wealth of information about the race, and they are only two avenues for knowledge and experience. Many RAAM racers have personal websites that chronicle their activities throughout the year and during the race. This page has a list of websites to reach the RAAM community for questions or browse their stories.

Videos are another great source to see what really happens and report on the race. RAAM has field reports from 2007 and 2008 and in addition you can find dozens of videos on YouTube. The Gallery page lists all those videos.

The RAAM Store has RAAM DVDs and RAAM books. Another great source of information!

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