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The Race Across America media team is primarily comprised of people who understand, respect and appreciate RAAM, but rookie members who are new to ultra-endurance cycling also produce a heartfelt portrayal on how RAAM affects them. Together we deliver a gonzo-styled accounting of the Race Across America and the Race Across the West that fuels the emotions and passions of our diverse audience. To be an asset, contributing members of our media team must be able to communicate on a personal and honest level.

There are many components involved in this intense reporting environment and each member of a media team will be expected to possess multiple abilities and possess expert skill and knowledge in one.

We offer paid, intern and volunteer positions.
Those interested may apply by sending your resume, links (video) or samples of your work to and queries to:

Applicants for all positions must be 25 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license and, most importantly, be able to function with little sleep and get along with other crew members in cramped and trying conditions. The race is tough and so is covering it!

On RAAM/RAW race course media members include:

1) Writers, journalists, reporters
2) Still Photographers
3) Videographers
4) Video Editors
5) On Camera Hostess
6) Assistant to the Producer

All positions require 24 hour a-day attention. Road crew members usually don’t take a break until the race is concluded.

1) Writers, journalists, reporters
To a large degree, RAAM writers have a very strong voice in how the race and racers are viewed by the public. This is compounded by a number of influences;

The solitary focus of solo riders rarely positions them mentally to rarely offer more than a shrug and a grunt in response to your questions. When to approach an ultra-soloist during a race is a sense honed with race knowledge and personal relationship skills; when to approach, when to observe and when to question a subject are key to your success.

The relationship between a solo rider and the media is intimate and if the reporters involved are positive in their approach and demeanor generally speaking they will be successful.  For the most part solo riders wear their mood on their sleeves which helps you pick your spots. We want complete coverage and reporters are encouraged to approach a rider under any conditions with the exception of the rider’s attempt to sleep, change or shower.

Many times during RAAM, reporters obtain their information from questioning crew members or observing interactions between riders or rider and crew. Often it is not necessary to question the rider.

Road reporters have a difficult task, but the experience should be very rewarding.

2) Still Photographers
Numerous digital photographers are required on-course this year for both races. We are interested in hearing from professionals, students and aspiring photographers.

People who live along the 2009 route will be considered for static positions. All photographers must be classified by location, time and full name of riders pictured. Photographers must have all their own equipment including laptop computers.

3) Videographers
Due to our limited budget we will only be accepting applications from people possessing their own equipment and are able to edit and prepare their footage for immediate broadcast on our website and others. Videographers who are comfortable in front of the camera will be considered first.

4) Video Editors
We are seeking people who can quickly edit raw footage, add graphics and post to Positions may be available on course and working from your home.

5) Video Hosts
Energetic, compelling, intelligent, attractive people with editing skills desired. No agents please.

6) Assistant to the Producer
Primary duties include extensive driving, assisting in handling media requests, management of media crews’ location on course.  Must answer phone and emails and provide assistance wherever needed. Extensive computer skills and knowledge of digital photographer are assets.  Must be organized, personable and have a lot of passion for RAAM.

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