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Welcome to Race Across America

Welcome to Race Across America



Early Registration Is Now Open!

RAAM Solo Start - Tuesday, June, 16, 2015
RAW Solo & Team Start - Tuesday, June 16, 2015
RAAM Team Start - Saturday, June, 20, 2015

2015 RAAM Seminar Dates
Sacramento, CA - January 31, 2015
Austin, TX - February 7, 2015
London, England - February 21. 2015
Columbus, OH - March 7, 2015

Seminar Addresses - Here

What is Race Across America (RAAM)?

Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD - 3,000 miles coast-to-coast across the USA.  RAAM is widely recognized as the world’s toughest endurance bicycle race.  Open to solo racers as well as 2, 4 and 8-person teams.  Solo racers must qualify by completing one of 30 qualifying events worldwide.  No qualification required for teams.  RAAM attracts an international field – competitors from 35 countries have participated.  The race has become an outstanding platform for raising money for charitable causes - over $2.5 million is raised annually for a wide range of charitable causes.  RAAM is an American tradition - 2015 will be its 34th year making it one of America’s longest continuously running cycling events.

The Race Across the West (RAW) is one of the world’s top RAAM Qualifying events.  Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO – 860 miles across the rugged American West.  Participants cross the Coast Range, Imperial Dunes, Monument Valley and finish in the San Juan Range of SW Colorado.  The RAW route follows the RAAM route to Durango.  Both the RAAM and RAW racers are on the course at the same time making it a perfect way to see how you might do racing RAAM.  

Both RAAM and RAW are life changing experiences.  It’s difficult to describe the incredible joy and sense of accomplishment having finished either of these two events.  Both Durango, CO and Annapolis, MD are outstanding places to celebrate your finish.  


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